Kelly Preston by Robert Voets/NBC Kelly Preston by Robert Voets/NBC

It doesn't take a psychic to see that Medium fans do not like Meghan Doyle, the shady business partner being played by Kelly Preston. Chalk it up to an acting job well done? "I guess so!" Preston tells with a laugh. "I don't ever read [message boards], but [ Medium exec producer] Glenn [Gordon Caron] created a pretty interesting character that I knew would stir things up and get people upset. [Allison and Joe] have a very strong, solid relationship and she threatens to 'jeopardize' that."

Exactly how, though, will Meghan make a mess of things as tonight's season finale unspools? Onliners suspect she will either take the DuBois' money and run, slap Joe with a sexual harassment charge, or - gulp - go as far as attempted murder. "I do something that's pretty wicked," Preston teases. Bad enough to banish Meghan from the show for good? "My story gets pretty wound up pretty succinctly. But as with a lot of the characters, she can come back even if she does die of some horrific death." - Matt Mitovich