I'm not the biggest 3-D fan in the world, but I do love when they take old footage and blend it with new stuff. So seeing Rod Serling brought to life was pretty cool. And the 3-D wasn't that bad  it was kinda cool with the paintings. Just wish that the one scene with the hand pushing out of the painting through the brown paper wrapping had been in 3-D. That was damn creepy and if it had come popping out of the screen, it woulda been really cool. But actually the story was really compelling tonight with the visions of the woman who was literally stabbed in the back while her child was watching. My only problem was that I

so knew the murderer was John Shea the second I saw him. Sorry, dude, but once you've played Lex Luthor, I'm immediately suspicious of your motives on any show. But how it all came together with the boy not really being his son and that he killed his real kid because he had AIDS was unique and quite engaging. Now that is a sweeps-worthy story line. And on the home front, Allison chats with her hubby's dead father about his business opportunity and realizes that while he was a bit of a dud as a dad when he was still alive and kicking, he's actually trying to do right by his only son postmortem. Guess he was right to "let" his son marry Allison in the first place: How else would he get his messages across from beyond? Not every wife has these handy-dandy psychic powers.