Patrick Dempsey and Chyler Leigh in Grey's Anatomy by Scott Garfield/ABC Patrick Dempsey and Chyler Leigh in Grey's Anatomy by Scott Garfield/ABC

I know, I know - it was just one scene. But as those who read Ask Ausiello know, Chyler Leigh - aka the "forward" young woman who cozied up to Patrick Dempsey's Derek at the end of last week's Grey's Anatomy - is likely a keeper, and that gives this fan of ABC's top drama a new hope.

See, "dark and twisty" Meredith is not working for me. Of course, I am the same guy who took the character to task for not being serious about her work, her supposed career, but what Grey's has been attempting via Mer's own near-death experience and the actual passing of her mother and stepmother isn't solving the problem. Sure, it's giving Ellen Pompeo some "meat" to chew on - assuredly a welcome respite from the "I don't snore" silliness - but it doesn't make an especially enjoyable character to watch. When you're not entirely aghast that your protagonist just got wailed on by her drunken dad, something is wrong.

Enter "forward" gal. Her and Derek's meeting was likely meant to evoke the doc and Mer's first encounter as libido-driven strangers, but so what. It worked. We, as Derek did, realized throughout the entire past episode that Meredith is not including him in her life, and has in fact shut him out. He's barely a boyfriend anymore. Preying on the vulnerability of a neglected McDreamy is not an entirely moral act, but I'm a fan of Machiavelli in such matters. Whatever gets the job done and makes Derek realize that he has been all but left at the altar. Dempsey gets the magazine covers and "sexy" accolades, yes, but the actor beholding that stellar 'do deserves a story line that makes use of his rom-com roots. (Yes, I worship Can't Buy Me Love and still have a search team out for Amanda Peterson.)

Plus, as icing on the cake, Chyler has a great quality about her, a lightness. Look around at the Grey's women. Disgruntled, angry, conflicted, conflicted for no believable reason (a special category for Izzy), frustrated with barrenness, "dark and twisty".... What happened to the interns filled with joy and vigor? Excited by the unpredictable onset of each new day and case?

So "forward" gal, we welcome you as a wake-up call for McDreamy's slumber.