Question: Maybe 40 or so years ago, wasn't there a television show called Karen? For some reason I'm thinking it starred a young actress who turned out to be a big actress. Or perhaps it's only wishful thinking. Thanks!

Answer: Well, there was a sitcom called Karen that ran on NBC for a year beginning in October 1964, but none of the ladies in the cast went on to make a huge impact. (And I can't imagine what your interest in such a show would be... Karen.)

Debbie Watson starred as a wayward teen on the show, which was part of the 90-minute, three-part 90 Bristol Court, a series made up of three comedies taking place in the same apartment building. Others in the cast included Richard Denning, Mary LaRoche, Gina Gillespie, Bernadette Withers, Trudi Ames, Teddy Quinn, Murray MacLeod and a man who's probably the only one on the whole show to still ring a bell among you guys out there, Richard Dreyfuss.

And just to cover my bases here: Karen Valentine starred in another Karen a decade later a comedy that debuted on ABC in January 1975 and left the schedule five months later. The only other "Karen" show I can come up with is Fox's Karen's Song, a comedy starring Patty Duke as a divorcée working in the L.A. book-publishing industry. One young lady from that show who's since done pretty well for herself? Teri Hatcher.