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Mayans MC: Yeah, You'll Probably See Some Sons of Anarchy Alums in the Show

And could Abel get his own limited series?

Tim Surette

The idea of a series continuing the world of Sons of Anarchy was a matter of when rather than if, thanks to it being FX's most-watched series of all time. Early word was that a series looking at SAMCRO's First 9 -- the club's founding fathers -- was being developed, but we're now weeks away from the premiere of Mayans MC, a sequel to Sons of Anarchy that follows the motorcycle club SAMCRO's rival gang the Mayans and a new prospect named EZ Reyes (JD Pardo).

Its debut comes after a quick departure from the world by creator Kurt Sutter, who went medieval on people's asses in the medieval drama The Bastard Executioner, which was... well, short, and canceled very quickly after bombing with critics and with viewers. But he's back within the world of Sons, because FX and Sutter wanted to give us all a break from that universe before diving violently back in.

"I planned on Bastard Executioner bombing and only lasting a season... it's all part of my big plan," Sutter joked at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. "We knew we wanted to continue the [Sons of Anarchy] IP, we knew this was an idea we liked. We knew we didn't want it on the heels of Sons. Enough time had passed that it made sense that we wanted to dive into this world."

And diving back into this world means an inevitable overlap in characters, right? Maybe. There is at least one recognizable character from Sons of Anarchy in the premiere -- and we don't just mean Emilio Rivera's Marcus Alvarez.

Sons of Anarchy Fans: You Can Watch the Mayans MC Premiere Early

"With the character of EZ who has a photographic memory, [flashbacks] felt like an organic way to help tell his story," Sutter said. "So, [in the premiere there] is a flashback that began eight years [ago], and was a way of letting us know that [EZ] was in Stockton where [the Mayans and Sons] worlds ultimately could collide."

Sutter then went to say that we could see even more characters in flashbacks.

"Any characters that we deal with in real time are auxiliary characters where there could be points of intersection without perhaps suggesting any sort of direction or history that continued with the Sons, so that idea, that memory, that mythology could kind of live on in imaginations. But absolutely in flashbacks, where we wouldn't be stepping on what was happening now, there might be an opportunity to do that."

More interestingly, Sutter talked about the idea of bringing Jax Teller's (Charlie Hunnam) two sons back to the screen. Specifically Abel, Jax's eldest son who was -- to say the least -- a bit creepy and let's face it, bound to be very f'd up since his dad drove headfirst into a truck and his mom was murdered by his grandmother with A BBQ FORK.

"I do think it would be interesting to see Jax's sons faced with the reality of who their father was," he said. "Jax basically said Wendy, 'Do not paint my existence and my life in any glamorous way. Tell my sons that I'm a scum, and I'm a murderer, and they should have nothing to do with me,' because he didn't want them to face the same obstacles, the same draw to lineage that he had. To me, there's potentially something interesting to see how that may manifest. But that would be down the line."

Yes, we are all VERY interested to see how this potential Omen baby turned out. Please Sutter, make it so.

Additionally, just because Mayans is happening, it doesn't mean Sutter is done with his previous idea.

"I love the idea of doing the First 9 prequel, and that will be a ten-off -- it would be a one off and we'd do 10 episodes -- and finding a way to introduce that during the course of Mayans," Sutter said.

Mayans MC premieres Monday, Sept. 4 at 10/9c on FX.