[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Sons of Anarchy spin-off Mayans M.C. episode "Serpiente/Chikchan." Read at your own risk!]

Though blood has spilled aplenty in the first season of Mayans M.C., all of the regular cast and major players have made it to this point alive. Until this week!

Mayans M.C. claimed its first big victim in "Serpiente/Chikchan," and of course, it came on the heels of a big betrayal. As Miguel (Danny Pino) orchestrated his incredibly complicated plan to screw over Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) and the DOJ by double-crossing them with an alliance with Adelita (Carla Barrata) and the rebels, he realized a confidante was feeding him lies.

Earlier in the season, Devante (Tony Plana) told Miguel that his brother died at a young age not of pneumonia as he had been told all his life, but because he was kidnapped, and rather than save his life at the expense of the cartel, his father let him die to send the message that the Galindo cartel does not negotiate with rebels or terrorists. It was a ploy by Devante to get Miguel to take a similarly hard stance with the rebels, and it worked... for a while.

I Loved Sons of Anarchy, but I'm Just Not That Into Mayans M.C.

The truth is Miguel's brother did die of pneumonia, something that Miguel discovered by looking through medical records. But that wasn't the only truth we learned about Devante. It turns out that Devante was also part of the hit squad that chopped Adelita's family into little pieces, and Devante was an aspiring young lieutenant who swung the sword.

With Galindo teaming up with the rebels, he decided he needed to fortify their trust, so he handed Adelita a machete and let her go to town on Devante as a sign of good will. She cut his damned head off. How quickly alliances change in this show.

That might not be the only fatality of the season, though. The next episode is the Season 1 finale, and it's looking bad for Kevin Jimenez. Not only is he off EZ's (JD Pardo) case and out of the DEA, but Potter made a deal — well, "made" is a nice way of saying forced — that freed EZ and Angel (Clayton Cardenas) from murder charges but made them his lackeys. Their first task? To kill Kevin.

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on FX.


<p>Vincent Rocco Vargas, JD Pardo, and Clayton Cardenas, <em>Mayans M.C.</em> </p>

Vincent Rocco Vargas, JD Pardo, and Clayton Cardenas, Mayans M.C.