Amazing Race Amazing Race

Fringe (Friday, 9/8c, Fox)
Oh my freaking stars, how great has Fringe been lately? The emotional stakes couldn't be higher as Peter is torn not only between two Olivias, but he's also at the center of the battle between the warring parallel universes. And now there's a baby brewing in Alt-Olivia? Madness! This week, we're back in Our World, as Peter and Real-livia work to repair the recent damage done to their relationship (bringing her the proper coffee would be a good start), and Walter prepares a surprise breakfast for his favorite lovebird agents. Plus, there's a case involving a grieving widow. Hope there are no yucky bugs.

The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business (Sunday, 8/7c, CBS)
Looking better than it ever has before — because for the first time, the multi-Emmy-winning reality competition is being broadcast in high-definition — the latest running of the around-the-world race brings back 11 teams, many of them fan favorites, who fell short of crossing the finish line first. Among the racers getting a second chance: cowboy brothers Jet and Cord, deaf son Luke and mother Margie, Harlem Globetrotters "Flight Time" and "Big Easy," best buds Zev and Justin (hopefully keeping track of their passports), cheerleaders Jaime and Cara and sisters LaKisha and Jennifer, who we hope will time their bathroom breaks more strategically. And they're off!

Saturday Night Live Backstage (Sunday, 9/8c, NBC)
It's like a documentary version of 30 Rock, taking us behind the scenes of the legendary late-night comedy show, with stories of auditions, classic sketches and musical performances, censorship battles and other peaks and valleys over the many years. Lorne Michaels provides perspective, along with current and past cast members and favorite guest hosts including Alec Baldwin and Jon Hamm. The through-the-decades SNL documentary specials have been terrific, often better than the show itself.

Episodes (Sunday, 9:30/8:30c, Showtime)
In the over-too-soon finale of this mercilessly sharp-tongued, quick-witted TV satire, things continue to fall apart between married TV writers Sean and Beverly after her night (post-accident and post-coital) with their star Matt LeBlanc. We learn the fragrance named after "Joey" smells like cinnamon, and that their show Pucks! is only one part of a "Hindenberg of development slates" at the network. As you watch a room of network suits quake at their boss's rant, realizing that "no one here knows what's funny," it's both hilarious and squirm-inducing. What will it all mean for Pucks? For the bromance between Matt and Sean? For Episodes itself? It's anyone's guess.

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