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Medium (Friday, 8/7c, CBS)
After all these years, you'd have thought we'd see this coming. But after seven seasons on two networks, the series about a psychic crime solver (Emmy winner Patricia Arquette) comes to an end with a far-reaching series finale that promises closure while taking a long look into the Dubois family's future. We'll miss that funky, frazzled family, but who knows that we won't be seeing them in our dreams?

Fringe (Friday, 9/8c, Fox)
The imaginative cult sci-fi thriller is being bounced by American Idol to a new night that fans are hoping doesn't become a graveyard (as it was for Dollhouse, Terminator and, giving this episode its ironic title, Firefly). As Fringe returns from hiatus with six new episodes, one of the creepy bald Observers makes contact with our FBI/science geek heroes, while Walter makes a connection with a musician (Christopher Lloyd) from his favorite '70s band and learns how their fates inadvertently intertwined.

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (Friday, 10/9c, Starz)
If you were there for the bloodbath first-season finale of Spartacus, you'll probably be thrilled that some of your favorite heroes — and, most important, villains — are back from the dead in this six-episode "prequel." Gods of the Arena takes us back to the ill-fated House of Batiatus (led by scenery-chewers John Hannah and Lucy Lawless) in the days before Spartacus came along and stirred up a grisly revolution. Dustin Clare stars as Gannicus, the house's cocky #1 gladiator who enjoys his fame a bit too much. The graphic carnage, as usual, is operatic in its excess.

Hawaii Five-0 (Sunday, approx. 10/9c, CBS)
It's the next best thing to getting the post-Super Bowl slot. CBS's breakout hit freshman crime drama airs a special episode immediately following the AFC Championship Game, providing a powerful lead-in to a story in which everyone's catching a wave. Even aqua-phobic Danny, who gets surfing lessons from Kono until a tsumani warning sends everyone evacuating to higher ground. But when the head of the Tsumani Warning Center goes missing, sounds like case for McGarrett and team.

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