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Supernatural (Friday, 9/8c, The CW)
Fancy this! After a season of emotional and horrific turbulence for the Winchesters, finally a whimsical change of pace, courtesy of Ben (The Tick) Edlund, who wrote this episode that finds the boys running afoul of fairies, elves, gnomes and leprechauns. Oh my! It all begins when the boys investigate what looks like a UFO sighting, but the crop circle turns out to harbor pesky fairies that only Dean can see. Too bad Sookie Stackhouse can't come to the rescue.

Lennon Naked (Sunday, 9/8c, PBS)
In the same week that the Beatles' catalog became available on iTunes, Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who) gives an uncanny performance as the famed Beatle, capable of devastating wit and exasperating selfishness, in this Masterpiece Contemporary biopic. It lays bare the personal turmoil in the life of John Lennon in the years leading to the Beatles' dissolution and his self-imposed exile with Yoko Ono to New York City. This of it as a prequel for next week's main event: Monday's brilliant American Masters documentary LennoNYC, that covers the last decade in his turbulent and tragically cut-short life.

Luther (Sunday, 9/8c, BBC America)
This riveting six-part British crime thriller reaches its dynamic climax this week, and if you missed any or all of it, you can catch up with a marathon starting at noon/ET. Last week's episode ended on a shocking and tragic note, and in the finale, Luther finds himself framed for the killing, forcing him to turn to our favorite neighborhood psychopath Alice for help. The twists and turns come furiously as Luther desperately tries to achieve some sort of justice and save his own skin. This is edge-of-the-seat TV.

The Walking Dead (Sunday, 10/9c, AMC)
The fourth episode of this terrifyingly intense survival epic is a pivotal one, and not just for the "away team" in Atlanta — having just discovered Merle Dixon's severed hand (though not Merle) in their ill-fated rescue mission. When they go to retrieve Rick's stash of guns, an encounter with a gang of human scavengers leads to an intense standoff and an unexpected discovery. Meanwhile, back at camp, the survivors continue to struggle emotionally and psychologically with recent events. The human monster turns out to be nearly as scary as the lurking zombies, but the ghouls are still capable of delivering a good scare or 20.

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