Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin

Lie To Me (Monday, 8/7c, Fox)
See how the partnership between Lightman and Foster began, as the car-bomb killing of a former Pentagon colleague forces the duo to relive their past, including critical therapy sessions. (Shades of Bones, Booth and Sweets?)

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Tuesday, 9/8c, Bravo)
The tart-tongued wannabe superstar returns for a sixth season of comical fame-mongering. First stop on the gawker express: a visit with Liza Minnelli, who knows a thing or two about surviving the spotlight.

Jaws: The Inside Story (Wednesday, 9/8c Bio)
Thirty-five summers later, Steven Spielberg's classic thriller about a finned menace beneath the sea still gives us the heebie-jeebies. This new documentary includes fresh interviews with Spielberg, Richard Dreyfuss and other cast and crew, reflecting on the turbulent shoot.

NewNowNext Awards (Thursday, 10/9c, Logo)
But will she shake her groove thing? Niecy Nash aims to please, with 30 Rock's Cheyenne Jackson as co-host for this outrageous salute to pop culture's cutting edge. Among those competing for the "Cause You're Hot" award: White Collar's Matt Bomer, Avatar's Zoe Saldana and the ubiquitous Betty White. It's that kind of night.

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