White Collar White Collar

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (Monday, 10/9c, Travel Channel)
The outspoken culinary expert and world traveler celebrates his 100th episode with a return to Paris — hitting all the foodie hot spots in the City of Lights with the renowed chef Eric Ripert (whose chops Bourdain busted while guest-judging Top Chef last week). A daylong marathon of favorite episodes ends at 9/8c, with a "What Were We Thinking?" retrospective special that looks back at five years of filming the show in locales all across the world.

White Collar (Tuesday, 9/8c, USA Network)
Lots of clues to follow and twists to navigate in the summer finale of this caper series, as Peter and Neal — with the help of Mozzie — try to decipher the mysterious code of the music box, while tracking leads to the person who killed Kate. It leads to a confrontation between Neal and disgraced Agent Fowler, and a cliffhanger twist that won't be resolved until the show returns in January.

Terriers (Wednesday, 10/9c, FX)
No, this isn't an attempt to cash in on the lovable-dog trend. The mutts of this enjoyably offbeat new comedy-drama, played by Donal Logue (an ex-cop) and Michael-Raymond James (an ex-thief), are scruffy unlicensed private eyes whose shenanigans often land them in treacherous situations where they're in over their head. One of the few original crime shows you'll find in an otherwise formulaic fall TV season.

Nikita (Thursday, 9/8c, CW)
Following a very eventful second-season premiere of The Vampire Diaries, the CW revisits the popular La Femme Nikita franchise for at least the third go-round, with martial arts head-turner Maggie Q taking on the role of the rogue assassin whose new mission is to take down her former bosses at the shadowy Division. Plenty of suspense and action in this one — and as always, some sexual tension as she confronts her former handler, Michael (ER's Shane West).

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