Friday Night Lights Friday Night Lights

Dead Set (Monday-Friday, midnight/11c, IFC)
TV is gearing up for a zombie invasion, and Halloween-ies with strong stomachs will be in hog hell (because frankly, it doesn't really feel like heaven). As a disgustingly hilarious curtain-raiser for AMC's much-anticipated Halloween night premiere of The Walking Dead, IFC imports this wildly graphic five-part British miniseries that imagines a zombie outbreak sweeping London, with the last safe haven being a Big Brother house. That's right, zombie scares and reality-TV satire, all in one vulgar and unforgiving thrill ride. Buckle up, and have a barf bag handy.

Glee (Tuesday, 9/8c, Fox)
Time warp back to the days of a million midnight-movie screenings, as the New Directions glee club tackles The Rocky Horror Picture Show in an elaborate tribute episode. Will picks Rocky Horror for the school's annual musical after learning of Emma's unlikely fandom. Will he be able to score his own "Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me" moment from this inspiration? Bring props to play along if you wish, but do you really want to risk ruining that nice TV screen?

Friday Night Lights (Wednesday, 9/8c, DirecTV's 101 Network)
Every chance to revisit Dillon, Texas is like an emotionally wrought homecoming, and never has that been more poignantly apparent as the show returns for its fifth and final season. (These episodes will air on NBC sometime in 2011.) Some favorite characters move away as life moves on for Coach Taylor and his wife Tami, now facing the challenge of shaping futures and earning respect at the underfunded East Dillon. I will never willingly let go of this show, but it's a miracle we got to enjoy this much of their story. Enjoy while you can.

Halloween: The Inside Story (Thursday, 9/8c, BIO)
Still spooking audiences after it crept up on us like an instant-classic campfire story more than 30 years ago, John Carpenter's influential low-budget study in boogeyman terror is remembered in a behind-the-scenes documentary. Carpenter, who wrote the insistent theme song, in interviewed, along with "scream queen" Jamie Lee Curtis. Do we wish all those sequels and remakes hadn't happened? Sure, but the original still packs a punch.

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