Raising Hope Raising Hope

How I Met Your Mother (Monday, 8/7c, CBS)
House's loss is Mother's gain, as Jennifer Morrison begins a recurring role as the new woman in Ted's life. Sparks fly when Ted encounters Zoey, an outspoken activist passionately committed to saving the landmark building that's slated to be torn down for the new GNB headquarters — Ted's architectural dream project. In other House news regarding a famous Jennifer, you're not seeing double, but Jennifer Grey — a current front-runner on Dancing With the Stars — will be competing against herself when she guest-stars on House as the mother of an ailing infant.

Raising Hope (Tuesday, 9/8c, Fox)
The fall season has been short on delivering new hits, but one of the few gems is this raucous family comedy, the first freshman series to receive a full-season pickup. Key among its assets is Martha Plimpton's abrasively kooky performance as Virginia, a grandmother before her time. In this episode, she advises Jimmy to protect little Hope from the truth about her ill-fated mother (who was executed in prison) when a box containing videos of the mother's past arrives at the house. Jimmy begins to wonder what secrets his own parents haven't yet fessed up to. Do we really want to see the skeletons in this family's closet? Bet they're a scream.

Law & Order: Los Angeles (Wednesday, 10/9c, NBC)
This week, it's Terrence Howard's turn to take over the prosecutor's seat, and DDA Dekker has his hands full. The case begins with a meth lab explosion that reveals a more destructive agenda, which captures the attention of the feds, who seek to take over the case. It's up to Dekker to make the appropriate arguments to keep the trial in California. LOLA is the meatiest of the too-many courtroom dramas battling it out in this Wednesday time period.

Nikita (Thursday, 9/8c, The CW)
Another of the new season's less heralded winners is this punchy spy thriller, which this week sheds new lights on its title character's tragic back story. Nikita learns from Owen disturbing new details about her fiance's death (which triggered her revenge schemes against Division). Meanwhile, Nikita's protégé Alex is tested by her handlers in an attack/torture scenario that sends her running to contact Nikita. Will Alex's cover be blown? Nikita's greatest enemy? The robust time-period competition. Try to make room for this on your DVR.

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