Detroit 1-8-7 Detroit 1-8-7

Restrepo (Monday, 9/8c, National Geographic Channel)

Combat has rarely been captured with such authentic immediacy and gritty urgency as in this wrenching you-are-there Afghan War chronicle from Sebastian Junger (The Perfect Storm) and Tim Hetherington. Their cameras capture the near-constant tension of life (and, naturally, death) with a platoon stationed in a treacherous outpost — named for a beloved fallen medic — where the next firefight attack could come at any moment. There are moments of raunchy levity and rowdy rough-housing as the men settle in to this no-man's-land, but the overall impact is devastating. There's a reason this has already been short-listed in the documentary feature category at this year's Oscars.

Detroit 1-8-7 (Tuesday, 10/9c, ABC)

With The Good Wife taking a breather (pre-empted for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show infomercial), this is a great opportunity to check out what has become a solidly entertaining ensemble procedural, with some of the tone — though little of the groundbreaking impact — of NYPD Blue, which held down this time period for years. In this episode, the detectives are split off following two different cases, which is the typical format for the show. But the murder of a wealthy retired auto executive at home and the drive-by shooting of an 11-year-boy turn out to be related when it's discovered they were killed by the same gun.

Psych (Wednesday, 10/9c, USA Network)

Break out the cherry pie and brew some damn fine coffee, because Psych is going deep into Twin Peaks territory with an homage to David Lynch's cult classic from (gulp) 20 years ago. Among the original cast members taking part: Sheryl Lee — Laura Palmer lives! — Sherilyn Finn, Dana Ashbrook, Ray Wise, Robyn Lively, Lenny Von Dohlen and "Log Lady" Catherine Coulson (here known as the "Woman with Wood," which gives you a sense of the episode's subtlety). The plot brings Shawn and Gus to the tucked-away town of Dual Spires for its annual Cinnamon Festival, where the murder of high-school student Paula Merral rips the lid off the town's many secrets. Adding to the fun: The Psych theme is performed this week by Julee Cruise, who provided many of Twin Peaks' most haunting musical moments.

Grey's Anatomy (Thursday, 9/8c, ABC)

While we can appreciate Grey's Anatomy's commitment to playing out the post-traumatic effects of last season's galvanizing shoot-'em-up cliffhanger, the Cristina-in-a-funk storyline is causing more than a little concern that it's being dragged out too long. And her detour into bartending came perilously close to Denny's-ghost territory. Which is why we hope this week's episode is the turning point to getting her back on track, as Derek takes Cristina fishing to clear her troubled mind. Back at the hospital, Scott Foley guests as a dying patient who lacks the proper insurance to cover his treatments, giving Teddy something to busy herself with in the absence of Cristina as a pet project. Meanwhile, on Private Practice, more fallout over Charlotte's sexual assault as the DA's office gives her and Cooper bad news about her pending case against her attacker.

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