NCIS: LA, Claire Forlani NCIS: LA, Claire Forlani

Castle (Monday, 10/9c, ABC)
This week is a smorgasbord of season (and in some cases, possibly series) finales, and Monday is overstuffed with them, including CBS's comedies, a Chuck wedding on NBC, a 90210 graduation on the CW, and a showdown with the legendary villain Wo Fat capping the first season of Hawaii Five-0. But the nicest surprise of this spring has been the resurgence of ABC's comedic crime procedural Castle, which wraps its season by returning to the ongoing mystery surrounding the murder of Kate Beckett's mother. When hitman Hal Lockwood (Max Martini) escapes from custody, Castle and Beckett unearth a wider conspiracy involving law enforcement. And as often happens in this type of climax, someone may die.

NCIS: LA (Tuesday, 9/8c, CBS)
Say it isn't so! Hetty resigns as Ops Manager? Replaced by just another pretty face (Claire Forlani?) In the second-season finale, Callen and the team scramble to figure out why their diminutive overseer quit and where she disappeared to. This cliffhanger is sandwiched between the NCIS climax of the Port-to-Port killer story — did Special Agent Barrett escape his murderous clutches? — and the Good Wife finale, in which a bitter and betrayed Alicia finally confronts the long-simmering romantic and sexual tension in her relationship with boss Will.

Law & Order: SVU (Wednesday, 10/9c, NBC)
Another year, another round of contract negotiations for the stars of the most popular surviving remnant of the Law & Order franchise. Which may explain why the 12th season finale ends in a shootout in the precinct. (It stems from a murder whose victim was about to testify in one of their high-profile rape cases.)

The Office (Thursday, 9/8c, NBC)
While we wait to see who will ultimately take over Michael Scott's job at Dunder Mifflin — the bigger question of why the show just didn't bow out gracefully remains unresolved — the supersized finale welcomes a season's worth of high-profile guest stars as our loyal hero Jim heads a search committee for possible candidates, including Andy and Darryl, while Dwight tries to get back on the company radar. Look for cameos by original British Office star Ricky Gervais, Jim Carrey, Will Arnett, Ray Romano, British comedy star Catherine Tate and (a very tempting choice) Boston Legal quirkmeister James Spader. Stay tuned for an hour of back-to-back Parks and Recreation episodes, in which the parks department — most especially Tom — is rocked when the eternally gung-ho Chris decides to make some big changes.

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