<i>MasterChef</i> MasterChef

Huge (Monday, 9/8c, ABC Family)
In this episode, set on "movie night" at Camp Victory, Nikki Blonsky sings. (As any fan of the movie Hairspray knew she ultimately would — although some probably expected it to happen in the talent-show episode.) As the summer crushes escalate in this diverting series, Will (Blonsky) channels her jealousy over Ian's crush on Hayley into writing a love song. Will it be music to the campers' ears?

MasterChef (Tuesday, 9/8c, Fox)
The network with a bottomless appetite for Gordon Ramsay's antics introduces yet another Ramsay-centric cooking competition (already a hit in the UK and Australia) in which amateur cooks get the chance to up their game. It gets off to a fast start as a flurry of hopefuls nervously present their signature dishes to the panel in hopes of getting an apron. The surprise: Ramsay isn't the scariest judge this time. (That would be Joe Bastianich, whose glare could cook anyone's goose.)

Hot in Cleveland (Wednesday, 10/9c, TV Land)
By now, it's clear that 2010 is the Year of Betty White. (Cue her acceptance speech for guest comedy Emmy for her SNL hosting gig.) This week, on the kitschy summer sitcom hit, her character of cranky caretaker Elka finds two comedy legends fighting for her favor: Carl Reiner (returning to the show) and Carol Burnett Show cut-up Tim Conway. May the best clown win.

Boston Med (Thursday, 10/9c, ABC)
This gripping docu-series from ABC News about life (and death) in three renowned urban hospitals tells one of its most wrenching stories to date, in the case of Baby Michael, born with a congenital heart disease and shuttled between three hospitals in his first 22 hours of life. Cameras follow his parents and doctors over several weeks as they monitor him until he's ready to undergo corrective surgery. Complications from human error ensue before this harrowing chapter reaches its end. "I am a lot stronger because of this," says the baby's mother, Nicole. As are we.

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