Pretty Little Liars Pretty Little Liars

RuPAUL's DRAG U (Monday, 9/8c, Logo)
What a drag — not! This spin-off of the giddy campfest RuPaul's Drag Race is not your typical makeover show. Each week, three women of a certain type—tomboys, plus-sized gals, supermoms — tap into their inner drag queen, with the statuesque RuPaul as headmistress and Drag Race alums as style mentors and confidence boosters. Celeb judges will help crown each week's "valedictorian." Sashay away!

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS (Tuesday, 8/7c, ABC Family)
Cameo alert. Sara Shepard, who wrote the books this series is based on, shows up at Rosewood High in a cameo as a substitute teacher. Meanwhile, the girls are reeling from the fallout from the homecoming dance, and Aria is getting texts from someone besides the pestersome "A." Has anyone in this gang of liars ever thought of just turning the phone off?

MERLE HAGGARD: LEARNING TO LIVE WITH MYSELF (Wednesday, 9/8c, PBS; times may vary)
The superlative American Masters series presents a candid portrait of the country star considered by many to be "the poet of the common man." His hard-knocks, hard-drinking life, including multiple incarcerations, isn't sugar-coated, but the focus is on his music, at home and in concert. Interview subjects include Robert Duvall, Keith Richards and Kris Kristofferson.

THE OFFICE (Thursday, 9/8c, NBC)
This was the event fans had long been waiting for: the wedding of workplace lovebirds Jim and Pam. The setting: Niagara Falls. The goal: to keep Pam's pregnancy from her family. Not even when the office cohorts show up in masse, with the single guys all seeking hook-ups. The hourlong episode is split in two parts, concluding next Thursday, so don't get your dancing shoes on just yet.

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