So Matt won The Biggest Loser. Was anyone surprised by that? Nick decided to bail on the live finale. Another shocker. And Pete won the "you are not quite the biggest loser but you are still a way-thin runner-up" competition. That one was so obvious when he walked out on the stage. The siblinglike rivalry between Seth and Suzy continued as they were neck and neck for the No. 2 spot behind Matt, but at least they got a little bit of cash for their efforts. Regardless, they both looked amazing and kinda hot, as did most of the contestants, who almost all seemed to shed some major poundage before this finale. The only person who looked a little off all night was Caroline Rhea. Really people, who did her hair? And the best part of the whole night was the lovely little commercial for Scrubs that said it was returning in January. Woo hoo!