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Is time running out for the Time Lord?

Speculation is growing that next season of Doctor Who could be Matt Smith's last after he told a VH1 reporter about his ambitions to eventually come to Los Angeles (a bit of a trip from the United Kingdom, where the series shoots).

"I've got another year of Doctor Who," he said, "but then I'm certainly going to come and give it a shot, come and hang out in LA."

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Smith's remark comes several months after he alluded to his possible departure to Radio Times. "When I finish [Doctor Who], I'll be...," he said, pausing for a minute. "Well, I don't know how old I'll be, but by the end of next year I'll be 29 so..."

Smith is the 11nth actor to play Doctor Who since the series launched in 1963, taking over the role from David Tennant. Although fan reception to Smith was initially lukewarm on the heels of Tennant's departure, Smith has since won over many naysayers with his quirky, bowtie-wearing take on the iconic character.  

When contacted, the BBC confirmed that they had commissioned at least another 14 episodes of Doctor Who starring Smith, but said "there is nothing else to announce at this stage." Those episodes are set to premiere sometime next year and run through 2013.

Do you want Smith to stay on as Doctor Who? Or is it time for him to be reincarnated?