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When he's not watching his own show, The Glades' Matt Passmore enjoys diving into the world of another small-screen, South Florida-based crime solver.

"Dexter — I've always been a big fan. ... It's irreverent and fun," Passmore tells "I have Season 5 on DVR and plan on catching up after this season is shot. Michael C. Hall has never been better at making me care about serial killers. ... I was a fan of his from Six Feet Under. My hat is off to you, sir."

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But a moonlighting serial killer isn't the only thing the Aussie native watches. Passmore also loves the character-based storytelling of The Walking Dead

 and HBO's Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire, which serves as a "learning curve for a foreigner like myself.""Game of Thrones is just breathtaking in its cinematography and characters. Peter Dinklage playing Tyrion Lannister is the most interesting character on television right now. Oh, the fun Jim Longworth [his Glades character] and he would have... playing chess of course!" he says. "[The Walking Dead] is brilliant! I have always been drawn to the apocalyptic questions of how society would behave if all constraints were laid to waste and all you see is pure human nature. This series gives that genre humanity and tickles with its moral ambiguity — and zombie brains. Don't forget the zombie brains!"For such a big HBO buff, Passmore is only getting into The Sopranos now, having discovered it on DVD recently. "Yes, I'm so far behind the rest of you. Yes, it's as brilliant as you all assured me it would be," he says. "[Edie Falco] just blows me away. And I'm discovering her on The Sopranos at the same time as I am watching Nurse Jackie. 'Nuff said."

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Still, despite his adulation for these series, Passmore, who grew up watching Magnum P.I. ("My dad keep fast-forwarding to the shots of the Ferrari, which is probably why I'm an actor."), would like to appear on a show of a different variety."I always wanted to do a cameo on The Muppet Show — kind of like what Mark Hamill did with a Star Wars-themed episode," he says. "Although a Jim Longworth-themed Muppet Show would be totally inappropriate for children. 'What's that, Fozzie? You think that's funny, huh? Well, where were you between noon and 1 p.m., 'cause my vic's not laughing now.' Then the sound of Fozzie running away, then gunshots, then silence."