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On Mondays, Matt Lauria plays a 29-year-old homicide cop, and on Fridays, he's a 17-year-old high school football player. The "somewhere in between" actor tells us what's up on his new show The Chicago Code and what to expect on the fifth and final season of Friday Night Lights, which returns later this week.

TV Guide Magazine: Your Code character, Caleb Evers, is paired with the squad's toughest detective. Will he get squashed?
Lauria: No. He has a lot of confidence in his abilities. He sees working with Wysocki as a great opportunity. They'll gain each other's respect as the season goes on.

TV Guide Magazine: Is being an FBI agent really Evers' ultimate goal?
Lauria: He's a cerebral college kid who aspires to be a G-man. But now he has to decide whether to pursue that or do what it takes to be a great homicide detective.

TV Guide Magazine: What is the best part about playing a cop?
Lauria: I love running up stairs and kicking in doors, but the most fun is when I fire off rounds. And I've always hated guns!

TV Guide Magazine: FNL football hero Luke Cafferty has a lot of choices to make this season, too.
Lauria: He has to reevaluate his priorities: Will he put a higher premium on Becky or football?

TV Guide Magazine: Tell me something we don't know about Matt Lauria.
Lauria: My wife, Michelle Armstrong, and I are both blues-rock musicians. She's recording an album right now!

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