30 Rock, Matt Damon 30 Rock, Matt Damon

30 Rock viewers rooting for Liz Lemon and her former pilot boyfriend Carol, played by hunky Matt Damon, should know that the fate of their relationship lies in the hands of one woman alone: Tina Fey. "I love that show and I had a great time doing it so if Tina wanted to bring back Carol Burnett, that would be fine with me," Damon told TV Guide Magazine at the premiere for the HBO documentary His Way: A Portrait of Hollywood Legend Jerry Weintraub on March 22.

"At 30 Rock they made it really easy for me. The writing is so good on that show," he says. But for now, expect short TV stints, if any, for the father of four. "I never say never [to doing a TV show], but I'm having a great time making movies. And it gives me a lot of freedom when I'm not working to spend time with the kids."

It looks like Carol and Liz's on-off relationship will remain irreparable while Damon prepares to lock lips with another award-winning actor. "I never though that I would get to kiss Michael Douglas," quips Damon, who is currently getting ready for his part in the movie Liberace, where he'll portray the longtime lover of the flamboyant musical performer played by Douglas. Much to his dismay, Damon is getting no pointers from Douglas' wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, when it comes to kissing his new costar. "I'm upset that I didn't get to kiss Catherine [in Oceans 12], but now I get to kiss Michael," he says. "I thought it would have been better if I could at least have kissed them both." That, of course, depends on how you look at it. "I kind of think of it in algebra terms, from my high school days: Transitive property," jokes Damon. "I am making out with Catherine."

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