Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel are working to put their feud to rest. The longtime frenemies attended couple's therapy on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where they unpacked their issues, from Kimmel's refusal to let Damon be a guest on his show to that time Damon bought a zoo.

"That zoo was supposed to be something beautiful. It was for both of us, and you never even showed up," Damon explained. "I just wanted to build something with him and share it and nurture it and watch it grow. And that was our chance. But no. I live at [Jimmy Kimmel Live!] in a dressing room."

"I'm doing my best to get him on the show every night. He's so spoiled he throws a tantrum," Kimmel counters. "This is my show and he thinks it's his show."

"It was that one time. I took this sh-- over and busted the ratings wide open," Damon said.

So did they work things out? Watch the full therapy session below.