Every year the various broadcast networks try to come up with a new twist on the singing competition that is as good as The Voice's blind auditions. But no one has been able to crack that code. Until now. Fox's The Masked Singer, a show that is guaranteed to be gloriously weird, might have finally done it.

The singing competition series, which is based on a South Korean show with the same format, puts celebrities in full-body costumes and asks them to sing for judges and a live audience. Each week a singer is eliminated by the judges and audience and then they reveal their identity. Fox released the first trailer for the series so you can see how insane the costumes are and already start making your guesses about the celebrities. The first one is totally Christina Aguilera, right?

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The Masked Singer premieres Wednesday, Jan. 2 on Fox, and we can't wait! The contestants have 65 Grammy nominations, 16 Emmy Award nominations, four Super Bowl titles and four stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame among them, according to the network, so there's going to be some surprise talents under those giant masks.

Nick Cannon hosts with Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger serving as your judges for the first season. By the looks of the trailer, they're having a really hard time guessing these voices. Are you ready to figure this out?

The Masked Singer premieres Wednesday, Jan. 2 on Fox.


Britney Spears, James CordenBritney Spears, James Corden