Mary-Louise Parker courtesy Showtime Mary-Louise Parker courtesy Showtime

Did you see the nude centerfold of Mary-Louise Parker? Oh, that's right - you don't work for TV Guide; I do. A press kit for Showtime's upcoming double-bill of Weeds and Californication features on its cover M-LP and David Duchovny making like Adam and Eve, accompanied by a snake, an apple and some tagline about "temptation." Open the Weeds brochure's foldout and Parker is shown with back turned to the camera and wearing nothing but the aforementioned slitherer and a marijuana sprig in her hair, her trunk in full view. "Yep, that's really her," confirms a Showtime rep. Adds series creator Jenji Kohan, "Her ass looks good!" Gee, ya think?

Duchovny in the Californication kit? Not naked.