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Marvel's Daredevil: Bullseye Teams Up With Fisk in Season 3

We're officially getting a much-needed dose of Agent Dex.

Krutika Mallikarjuna

With the Season 3 premiere of Marvel's Daredevil right around the corner, stars Charlie Cox, Elden Henson, Deborah Ann Woll, Vincent D'Onofrio, Joanne Whalley, Wilson Bethel, Jay Al and series showrunner Erik Oleson dropped by New York Comic Con to give us some exciting teases about what's to come.

The biggest open secret of Daredevil Season 3 was confirmed at the panel: Wilson Bethel is playing the infamous Marvel villain Bullseye. Agent Dex, as he is also known in the show, was featured in several clips at the panel which showed him teaming up with Fisk (D'Onofrio) after saving him from an assassination attempt and donning the red Daredevil suit of Season 2. "If I was wearing the suit, I'd be called a hero," he says in one clip.

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He gets his wish, but knowing Marvel, his victory won't last for long. Bethel said that Dex and Fisk have a weird, complicated relationship in the show, but Fisk manages to take Dex under his wing, and that's where the real trouble starts.

Teasing an additional fight scene we didn't get to see, Oleson said that there's an action sequence that tops the hallway fight scene of Season 1. Oleson went on to say that the fight scenes in this scene have real emotional stakes because Matt actually loses quite a few of them this season, and they have real and distinct consequences. After watching the clip where Bullseye and Matt (Cox) face off (in which Matt, donning the original black Season 1 costume, gets his ass kicked after saving Foggy from Bullseye's deadly aim) we can certainly believe they went above and beyond this season. Of course Matt Murdoch won't stand for anyone else wearing the suit and we saw what the two arch-nemesis look like when they face off for the title of Daredevil.

The other exclusive comic-con clips featured a host of new and old characters.

In the first clip, we got our first look a Maggie (Whalley), a tough no-nonsense nun who tells Matt, "I never thought it would be one of our own running around in that Halloween costume." It doesn't seem like Matt knows that Maggie is his mother, rather, he thinks of her as one of the caretakers in orphanage that raised him. She tells him his time at the sanctuary is at an end and there must be someone she can call for him. Matt, stubborn as always, answers that there's no one despite Foggy and Karen being a simple phone call away.

In the second clip, Karen (Woll) goes to find Foggy (Henson) who's with a butcher (???) with clients (???) and tells him she thinks Matt is alive. Foggy wishes it was Matt also, but points out to Karen that if Matt were alive he'd have reached out. Alas, as we know better than Foggy, Matt's stubbornness will keep him from doing anything good for himself. It's obviously quite a surprise when in a later clip, Matt pops out of literally nowhere to intercept a perfectly aimed projectile by Bullseye to save Foggy's life.

The third clip introduced Jay Ali as Agent Nadeem, a woeful and easily seduced FBI agent who goes to question Fisk in prison. After asking Fisk to just skip to the end where Fisk tells Nadeem to f--k himself, Nadeem is caught off guard and surprised when Fisk says he'll do anything to make sure Vanessa (Ayelet Zurer) doesn't face jail time for his crimes. Ali teased that every character in this season faces a point where they are forced to choose either the good or evil side, and that the audience can probably guess which way Agent Nadeem goes.

The fourth clip showed Matt back to his vigilante ways, threatening Fisk's lawyer for information. We see a little more of Matt in action as he escapes and annihilates security guards left and right in a shadowed parking lot. It doesn't really seem like having a building dropped on him slowed him down at all.

If the panel is anything to go by, Season 3 of Daredevil is jam-packed with mysteries to solve and egos to soothe. Our sightless superhero Matt Murdoch was last seen being nursed back to health by a nun after an entire freaking building collapsed on him in the finale of The Defenders. The post-credit scene, with a mention of a woman named Maggie, offered a hint as to where the big mystery of the season is headed. however. In comics canon, Maggie is Matt Murdoch's mother, and it's likely that Season 3 will loosely follow the "Born Again" arc where Matt is reunited with his long-lost mother and squares up against Wilson Fisk again.

The comics arc is a fan favorite not just due to Maggie and the return of Fisk; it's also the the introduction of Bullseye into Daredevil lore. As his codename suggests, his marksmanship is almost superhuman level, and Matt Murdoch isn't going to have an easy time facing off with deadly assassin in Season 3.

We can count on Matt's personal life being a mess too. Is Elektra (Elodie Yung) really dead this time? Will Foggy and Karen be able to establish real friendships with Matt now that all their secrets are out in the open? Will the appearance of Maggie finally give Matt something stable to hold onto? Or will she slip away like everyone else in his life that he's loved?

Thank the devil of Hell's Kitchen we only have a week left before we find out.

Daredevil Season 3 premieres Friday, Oct. 19 on Netflix.