Brendan Fraser and Martha Stewart Brendan Fraser and Martha Stewart

For her Halloween special this year (airing Sunday at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel), homemaking guru Martha Stewart stirs up some mischief with Mummy star Brendan Fraser and shows us how to celebrate the holiday in frighteningly fun fashion.

TV Guide Magazine: OK, so what are your top tips for a killer Halloween bash?
The atmosphere has to be spooky. Then, of course, you have to dress yourself up.

TV Guide Magazine: Any no-nos?
Nothing evil, nothing sickening. No rotting meat. No real maggots. It should be fun horror. Everybody likes a little bit of horror, but it has to be in good fun. I don't like ugly stuff.

TV Guide Magazine: Do you have a favorite Halloween tradition?
I usually go all out. We decorate. We turn on spooky sounds at the front door, and we have a lot going on all the time. We hand out lots and lots of treats [to] the neighborhood. Word kind of gets out.

TV Guide Magazine: Has anyone shown up in a costume that was just beyond?
Oh, yeah! One year a whole gang knocked on my door and, lo and behold, about 50 people had on Martha Stewart masks. That was really spooky!

TV Guide Magazine: Vampires are superhot these days. Are you more Twilight, True Blood or Vampire Diaries?
I'm really a fan of the Twilight saga. Why? I think it's because of Robert Pattinson.

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