The Martha Stewart Show The Martha Stewart Show

The Martha Stewart Show celebrates the Easter/Passover season with flower arranging tips (Monday), an all-puppy hour (Tuesday) and easter dinner recipes from hotshot chef Michael Galata (Friday). The Emmy-winning series will also reach the 1,000th-episode mark on Wednesday, but Stewart won't be too reverent about it. She's packed the anniversary show with comedic bloopers, behind-the-scenes secrets and a gab session with Saturday Night Live cutup Seth Meyers.

Is Stewart trying to convince us she's hip? "I am hip!" she exclaims. "I'm totally tuned in to what's happening today. I'm all about social media, I know rap music, I know baseball. I went to a Yankees game and Curtis Granderson was having trouble putting on his batting glove and I helped him. Now he's emailing me. Can you imagine? And I really appreciate clever comedy."

She and Meyers get along like cheese and crackers (this is his fourth time on the show). In fact, after his last appearance, during which Stewart had him giggling like a schoolgirl, we suspect there's a mutual crush going on. Stewart pooh-poohs the very notion. "Seth and I talk the same language," she explains. "In a funny way, he could be my best friend."

But her heart belongs to Jude, her first grandchild, who arrived on March 8. "Every time she and I have a visit, we commune and write a little story together," Stewart says. "It's going to be a whole series called Baby Jude's Dreams." And another mega-mogul is born.

The Martha Stewart Show airs weekdays at 10am/9c on the Hallmark Channel.

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