If nothing else, Marshall and Lance will forever be remembered as the first team to quit CBS's The Amazing Race (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET). It's hard to blame the New York-born brothers, though, considering Marshall was experiencing such chronic knee pain that he could barely walk. Here, the two outspoken restaurateurs sound off about their Amazing adventure, particularly the frequent unpleasant run-ins with a certain pair of fellow Racers...

TV Guide Online: So Marshall, have your knees gotten any better?
Yeah, they're fine now. Basically, I just needed rest. I saw a doctor before we were eliminated and he told me that I needed rest and ice — two things that weren't available [during] the race.

TVGO: When did the knees first become a problem for you?
That long plane flight to Russia. It seemed that flying just made the inflammation worse. By the time we landed in St. Petersburg, my knees were really hurting and they just got progressively worse.
Lance: At the beginning, you hope it's gonna be a temporary thing. Unfortunately, instead of subsiding, it got worse. There's nothing you can do to make it better, so you just have to deal with the situation. We kept trying to work through it, but eventually, it just became too much. This is a race, and when you can't run or even barely walk, it's hard to race.

TVGO: Do you regret choosing not to finish the race?
No. With him not being able to walk and it being close to midnight and seeing all the other sites already dug, it was pointless. There was no reason to continue. We had our day and, unfortunately, it had fallen. But it was a great experience, and I'd definitely do it again, even if I were told that it would end the same way.
Marshall: There aren't a lot of situations in the race where you know you're in last place. This time, though, we knew we were last. It's not like we were sitting there wondering if anyone was behind us. We would probably have made it one more week if that charter flight had taken off on time. That would have put Linda and Karen a few hours behind us.

TVGO: Mirna and Charla have rubbed a lot of teams the wrong way, but you two seemed particularly at odds with them.
Watching the show, you can see that a lot of people don't like Mirna and Charla. It's not like everyone else loved them and we had an issue with them. The difference is that Lance and I speak our minds; when we disliked them, we let them know it. They did a lot of things that I think all the viewers in America have noticed. At the beginning of the race, Charla told everyone that she didn't want to be treated differently [as a little person], and that was fine. And then 10 minutes in, she's trying to cut lines and begging the airline for extra assistance. People try to equate that with what we did in the first episode — telling that airport bus [driver] not to stop for anyone — but that was part of the race. Fighting for cabs is part of the race. But when you start saying things like "I need a doctor" in order to get on an airplane earlier, that's just not in the spirit of the race. I think they're just not nice people and everybody is starting to realize that. You saw it Tuesday night. I think Colin wanted to strangle both of them, and deservedly so.

TVGO: Did you get along with any of the teams?
We got along with almost everybody, although our personalities didn't mesh with some of the teams'. Some people didn't appreciate the way I express myself verbally. But we met some great people and will probably be friends with them for a long, long time.
Marshall: In fact, I got married eight weeks ago and three-and-a-half teams were at my wedding. So we did make a lot of good friends.

TVGO: What have you been up to since the race ended?
We're back in Dallas, running our restaurant, Cafe Nostra. We have a lot of Amazing Race fans that come in and they've been great. We have viewing parties every Tuesday and it's just fantastic how much energy they bring to the place. It seems like everyone loves the atmosphere, loves the food and, hopefully, we'll be able to continue it and watch TAR for many years to come at Cafe Nostra.

TVGO: Nice plug, Lance. Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently if you ran the race over again?
I would not buy new sneakers and wear them right before the race. I blame a lot of my knee problems on the fact that I went out and bought these fancy new shoes. I should have done what Lance did, which is to wear your old, broken-in sneakers.
Lance: To be honest with you, I ran a perfect race. [Laughs] I'm not upset about anything that happened. If I did it again, I would probably conduct myself the same way.

TVGO: You've often been compared to Kevin and Drew from the first Amazing Race. Do you see any similarities?
We didn't watch the early seasons before doing the show, but recently we've seen some of the Kevin and Drew stuff and I don't see as many comparisons as everyone else. I think everyone made the comparison before they even saw us on TV. Personally, I think they're boring. When I watched them on TV, I didn't think they were the most entertaining guys in the world. I don't think we're very much like them at all, other than that we're from New York.

TVGO: Would you ever do a Discovery Channel show like they did?
Is anybody watching that show?
Marshall: I watched the first episode because everyone kept saying how similar we are. Do I want a show like that? The answer is no. But I wouldn't mind being on a good show. Lance: If anybody's got any ideas, feel free to bring them to us. We'd be happy to take a look at it. Maybe I can get out of the restaurant business!