Jason Dohring, <EM>Veronica Mars</EM> Jason Dohring, Veronica Mars

The big idea: Chat up Jason Dohring about all things Veronica Mars  past, present and future in connection with this, the day UPN's supersleuth series returns to Tuesday nights (at 9 pm/ET). The big problem: Dohring's, like, mad busy filming the season finale. Luckily, the dude's a trouper, and agreed to A our Qs via e-mail. (Coincidentally, you TVGuide.com Insider enthusiasts will recall, Kristen Bell "cybered" with us as well.)  So, is full-on reconciliation in store for Logan and Veronica? Will Dohring clue us in on the top-secret season-ender? And what are the current odds on Mars landing on CW? Enough intro prattle, let's get to the short but sweet exchange.

TVGuide.com: Since we're doing this via e-mail, why not start by telling us what sort of computer set-up you're working with there. Mac? PC? Atari 400 with membrane keyboard?
Jason Dohring:
Dude, it's a Dell.

TVGuide.com: What songs on your iPod would have their grooves worn down if they were vinyl singles?
Hmm what I'm listening to now? "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt, "All These Things that I've Done" by The Killers, Sugarland's "Baby Girl."... Oh, and I love Johnny Cash's "Sunday Morning Coming Down."

TVGuide.com: This week you wrap up shooting for the season. How best can you tease the material you've been handed for the finale?
I can't say too much (under penalty of death), but it contains the most exciting half an hour in the history of the show.

TVGuide.com: Did you correctly guess who was responsible for the bus crash before you read the script?
Not even close. I had a list of people I thought it could be, and the person wasn't even on it. I weaseled it out of Kristen Bell.

TVGuide.com: Logan and Veronica dancing at the spring fling was hot. What are the prospects for a reconciliation?
Again, penalty of death [prevents me from saying]. But personally I feel that there will always be a special place for Veronica in Logan's shriveled little heart.

TVGuide.com: What's the dynamic between you and Kristen Bell off camera?
Where to even start? She's amazing. It's so great to work with someone like her because she brings so much to every scene she's in.

TVGuide.com: Do you think Logan knew Thumper was in the stadium when he blew it up?
Not at all, but karma is a bitch.

TVGuide.com: In your opinion, why would Logan be pals with someone as obnoxious as Dick?
Let's face it, he's really the only friend, the only dependable friend, Logan has. I think it's the loyalty of being childhood friends.

TVGuide.com: Is it fun to film brawls like the bathroom one between Logan and Weevil?
Absolutely  that was awesome, mainly because I enjoyed kicking Francis Capra's ass. And of course it's fun to throw s--- around. We actually broke the wall down in one take. With my muscle and sheer force, that wall didn't stand a chance. (I am, of course, laughing as I type that....)

TVGuide.com: As this season nears its end, how do you compare it to Season 1? What's been different?
I feel like this season actually wraps up more things, brings it all together, and the end of Season 2 has a lot more significance than the end of Season 1.

TVGuide.com: Do you have any projects lined up for the hiatus?
I'm reading some scripts now, and also thinking about doing some theater.

TVGuide.com: What's the consensus on the set regarding the current odds for a Season 3 pickup by CW  4:1? 3:2?
4:1?!? No faith, buddy, no faith. We feel like it's looking good.

Additional reporting by Angel Cohn