Fox may not be able to produce a sequel to its reality phenom Joe Millionaire — the secret being out and all — but we still have to wonder: What if the network reversed the genders and next recruited 20 gold-diggin' studs to drool over a well-to-do Princess Charming? Would viewers find a Jane Millionaire as richly rewarding?

"No," theorizes Evan Marriott, the 28-year-old construction worker at the center of the $50 million big white lie, in an interview with TV Guide Online. "I don't think women are portrayed as breadwinners in America. I think it's an old-fashioned reality that men are the breadwinners."

That said, Marriott believes a female-driven Millionaire would work if producers dangled a different booty in front of her male suitors. "They ought to call it Jane Big Boobs," he suggests with a grin. "They get a woman with big, fake boobs, have all these guys go after her, and then, in the end, she takes them off and goes, 'Ha! I'm as flat as a f---in' pancake!'"

Would he himself be determined to reside in the silicone valley? In his heart of hearts, could he reject the bosom-challenged babe outright? After some intense soul searching, the self-proclaimed "regular guy" replies, "Probably not." Yeah, right. Dude, you're so, um, busted.