Samantha Bee and Jason Jones, <EM>The Daily Show with Jon Stewart</EM> Samantha Bee and Jason Jones, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

If bantering comes naturally to Samantha Bee and Jason Jones, correspondents for Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (weeknights at 11 pm/ET), it probably has to do with being happily married comedians. The couple, who welcomed daughter Piper in January, took time from filing their offbeat reports to trade quips with TV Guide about flak jackets, rival journalists and their marriage.

TV Guide: Do you ever compete for stories?
Jason Jones: The only competition we ever have for stories is not to do one.
Samantha Bee: We try to dump them off on each other.

TV Guide: Who are some of your journalistic heroes?
I'm a big fan of all flash, no substance. The Geraldos.
Bee: Don't say that about my Geraldo.

TV Guide: Whenever you're in a "hotspot" of the world, do you fear for your safety?
Bee: The worst I ever came up against was raw sewage around my ankles. My flak jacket protects me.
Jones: Flak jacket-slash-fishing vest.

TV Guide: Do you ever run into Christiane Amanpour or other rivals, and if so, are there scuffles?
There would be a scuffle, and we'd be in our bras and panties having a tickle fight.
Jones: Now that is hot.

TV Guide: Does Jon Stewart favor either of you?
I'm quite sure he favors me.
Jones: I've never spoken to the man.

TV Guide: How did you meet?
We met doing wonderful children's theater.
Jones: We bonded through our hatred of the show.

TV Guide: What's it like being married and working together?
It's the only time we get to see each other, apart from the baby.
Jones: We share an office, so there's lots of sex.

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