In a particularly surprising turn of events, History has renewed the medieval drama Knightfall for a second season seven months after the show aired its Season 1 finale, the network announced Monday. The show will supposedly be darker and grittier. However, that's kind of the boring news? The big and exciting news coming out of the Knights Templar-centered series is the fact that Mark Hamill, famous for playing another kind of knight — OK, the most famous Jedi Knight in all of time and space — is joining the cast in Season 2.

Hamill will play Talus, a veteran of the Crusades who, after surviving a decade in captivity in the Holy Land, is tasked with training the new kids on the block. Can you get sainthood for that? Because if I'd just survived 10 years in captivity, I would take a very, very long vacation, preferably somewhere with a beach and a bunch of oiled-up dudes bringing me fruity drinks with little umbrellas. Maybe this is why I'm not a member of the Knights Templar. Well, you know, that and the fact it's 2018 and the order was disbanded in the 1300s.

Anyway, Hamill isn't the only new face coming to Knightfall next season. Tom Forbes (The Bastard Executioner) will play Prince Louis, the violent heir to the throne, while Genevieve Gaunt (The Royals) will take on the role of Isabella, the daughter of King Philip who, according to History, will be "well on her way to becoming the woman who history would call 'the she-wolf of France.'" Whatever that means!

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