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Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni Can't Stop Reuniting

Bensler fans, rejoice!

Amanda Bell

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit stars Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni might not share the screen together anymore, but they're constantly joining forces to keep the the Team Bensler ship sailing smoothly lately.

The two reunited (again) on Saturday for Meloni's birthday celebration and shared a slew of cuddly selfies together that are sure to keep the fandemonium alive -- and hopes for a possible return of his character, Elliot Stabler, to the show.

The two have a growing history of teaming up for these squeal-inducing reunion shots. They previously shared a post-Valentine's Day cheek smooch, which Hargitay snapped for Instagram with the caption, "and then that happened, just when I thought Valentine's Day was over."

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Before that, they posed as "friends at Xmas" for a selfie in December, 2016.

And in March, 2016, a bearded Meloni also met with Hargitay in New York City and shared the results on Twitter.

So, yeah. This is a thing that seems to be happening a lot lately, and no, it's not even close to getting old yet.

Meloni left SVU after its 12th season in a widely dissatisfying fashion, while Hargitay has remained the face of the long-lived program all the while. She's never let up on her firm appreciation for that dozen years spent working with Meloni though. In a 2014 chat with Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio (via E! Online) she praised his integrity and artistic intelligence, saying, "He is a truth-teller; he's committed to the truth at all costs. I loved his passion and commitment...He made me better and I love him. I loved acting with him and I love him as a person."

Indeed, showrunner Warren Leight has hinted that it's their very friendly off-screen relationship that might just bring Meloni back to the show. His character famously "retired" from the force in the off-season between Seasons 12 and 13 and never got a proper goodbye, but Leight told The Hollywood Reporter that there's probably one way to bring back the now-Underground star and make that proper send-off happen at long last. He said, "I think if Mariska were to have called him, he would have taken the call. That can be for another day, hopefully a long way off."

Clearly, she's still ranked high on his speed dial, so don't give up hope just yet, Bensler fans!