The Dog Who Saved Christmas The Dog Who Saved Christmas

Mario Lopez can be seen all over TV — hosting Extra, starring on his VH1 reality show Saved By the Baby — but get ready to hear more of him. The Saved By the Bell alum has lent his voice to ABC Family's new TV movie The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation.

A sequel to last year's The Dog Who Saved Christmas, the movie stars Gary Valentine and Elisa Donovan as George and Belinda Bannister, who take their family and beloved dog Zeus (voice of Lopez) for a nice and relaxing holiday vacation. Things get hectic when they discover that Belinda's obnoxious brother Randy (Casper Van Dien) has shown up with his son and their new poodle, Bella (voice of Paris Hilton). As if that isn't stressful enough,  Zeus' burglar enemies, Ted (Dean Cain) and Stewey (Joey "Coco" Diaz), dog-nap Bella to get their paws on the diamond collar she was mistakenly given.

Lopez tells about his favorite things from the film. 

No. 1: He voices a dog — a female one
Lopez tells that not only do his nieces and nephews get a great kick out of hearing him voice a dog, but that they all had a laugh when they found out the pooch is actually a female.

No. 2: It's his first family film as a father
Although he's always prided himself on being a family man, Lopez says he's even more happy to do a family-friendly movie now that he has a little one, Gia, with girlfriend Courtney Mazza.

No. 3: Adults can tune in, too
Parents can look for some subtle, mature humor. "We put in enough adult humor will keep them entertained as much as the kids," he says.

No. 4: Paris Hilton's first voice-over role
Lopez says Hilton does a great pampered poodle. The heiress voices Bella, a new puppy with whom Zeus is immediately smitten.

No. 5: It has a happy ending
Viewers can expect to cry happy tears, as Lopez says his favorite scene of the film is "the end when I actually save [vacation].

Watch a preview for The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation, premiering Sunday, Nov. 28 at 8/7c on ABC Family.