Survivor: All-Stars backstabber

Boston Rob gets another shot at that $1-million jackpot tonight at 8 pm/ET, when America decides which castaway most deserves to join

Amber in the winner's circle. While the Beantown baddie performed some serious damage control by proposing to his suddenly wealthy gal-pal on Sunday's post-finale reunion show, was it enough to convince viewers that he's not the greedy, compassion-challenged conspirator he acted like on the show? Well, just in case it wasn't, the future Mr. Brkich makes his case once again to TV Guide Online.TV Guide Online: Do you think you have a shot at the second million-dollar prize?
Boston Rob:
I hope so. What I'm hoping is that people will mix up Rupert and Robert and I think I might have a shot. I don't know. We'll see. I think I played the game the best. I think I deserve to win. Who knows, maybe the public will see it that way; we'll have to wait and see. Rupert has got a pretty big following though.

TVGO: Are you worried that the audience still hates you for the way you acted on the show?
You know what? I went there to play a game and entertain and I did my job. If people hate me, I'm fine with it. In my life, I've got the most wonderful girl in the world and she loves me. I've got my family behind me and I've got millions of people that agree with the way I played. I'm happy with that. And for the people that didn't like the way I played? You know, you can't make everybody happy all the time.

TV Guide Online: Were you nervous about proposing to Amber on national TV?
I was nervous beforehand, but once it came down to it I was cool.

TVGO: Was it hard for you to ask her parents permission?
No, it wasn't hard. I've gotten to know them in the last couple months and I think they know how I feel about their daughter and my intentions. So it was pretty easy.

TVGO: But getting engaged is a big step!
It's a huge step.

TVGO: Where are you going to be living? Have you figured that out yet?
No. To tell you the truth, we haven't had more than five minutes to relax since the show ended [on Sunday]. It's been kinda wild. But it doesn't matter where we live as long as we get to be together. Boston, Pittsburgh, somewhere in between, wherever.

TVGO: Did you tell the show's producers that you planned to propose?
No. Mark Burnett, who's the executive producer of Survivor, he is like a total control freak and he needs to be completely in control of everything. So I waited until like 10 minutes before the live show to tell him. And I just gave him a hint. I go, "Mark, something big is going to go down." And he's like, "What are you talking about?" And I go, "Don't worry, you're going to see." So even he didn't have a clue until right before. So, I think it was a pretty good surprise for everybody.

TVGO: Was there anything you could have done differently that would have helped you become the winner instead of Amber?
No. Jeff asked the jury if I had taken Jenna [to the final two], what would have happened, and Shii Ann said she would have switched her vote. But then Rupert would have switched his vote and voted for Jenna and not me. And then I would have had Amber sitting there after I betrayed her after all that time. I wasn't going to take that chance. Truthfully, it came down to a jury that was very emotionally driven. And I mean you can't really do anything about that; it is what it is. It's a game and people weren't able to separate the fact that it was a game. I'm not mad at Lex; I think he's a great guy. I just think that he's really confused. He's not able to find that solace or whatever it is he needs.

TVGO: By proposing, you were a guaranteed winner either way.
Oh, without a doubt I'm the big winner here — because of the girl alone.

TVGO: So you're OK with second place?
I'm fine with second place in the game of Survivor, but I definitely finished first place in my book.

TVGO: How did the "Robfather" nickname come about? Did you start that?
The Robfather. [Laughs] That started in the Marquesas. I was making reference to the Godfather movies and I don't know who said it first, but I think it's great. It is a lot of fun.

TVGO: Are you and Big Tom cool now?
I never really had an issue with him. I voted him off. I'm sorry, we were playing a game. The whole thing about [the nasty comments towards] his son, I never intended any ill will or maliciousness towards anybody. I can see how somebody who didn't realize the relationship that we had would perceive it. At the Survivor after-party, I saw [Tom's son] Bo and he came right up to me and he shook my hand and he's like, "Don't worry about it." Tom seemed pretty upset by it, but I think we calmed things down. [For Tom's take, click here.]

TVGO: What's next for you?
Who knows? We got a lot of offers coming in, a lot of things lined up. Hopefully, within the next week I'll get a chance to spend some time with my new fianc&#233e.

TVGO: Would you do another Survivor?
Tomorrow, if they called me. I wouldn't hold your breath though. I think the All-Stars experiment kinda failed in CBS's eyes. Or maybe not in CBS's eyes, but I think [Jeff] Probst put it best. It's a game best played by strangers. When you put people in [who know each other], they play friendship, and I don't know, start crying and whatnot.

TVGO: Speaking of crying, what exactly happened with Jerri at the finale?
Jerri, yeah, I don't know. She just got up and walked out. She wasn't too happy. The crowd booed her and she didn't like it. She took it very personally. Again, it's a very, very sensitive bunch this time around. Who would have known?