Marge Simpson Marge Simpson

It's a dark day in Springfield. Margaret Groening, the inspiration behind The Simpsons' Marge Simpson has passed away, The Oregonian reports. She was 94.

Groening, a former high school English teacher and the mother of series creator Matt Groening, died April 22 in her sleep. Groening hasn't commented publicly about her passing.

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Groening's maiden name was Wiggum — a nomenclature that belonged to The Simpsons' beloved police commissioner Clancy Wiggum and his thick-headed son Ralph Wiggum.

Groening's family — including his father, Homer, and his sisters, Lisa and Maggie — was a clear influence for the show. Groening's father, Homer, passed away in 1996. Another sister, Patty — who inspired the name of the character Aunt Patty — died this past January.