Margaret Cho by Ron Jaffe/VH1 Margaret Cho by Ron Jaffe/VH1

More than 10 years after bringing the first Asian-American family to TV on ABC's ill-conceived/ short-lived 1994 sitcom All-American Girl, edgy comedienne Margaret Cho returns with The Cho Show (Thursdays at 11 pm/ET, VH1), a semi-scripted comedy that follows the adventures of the funny lady, her parents and her feisty 3-foot-10-inch assistant. - Megan Walsh-Boyle

TV Guide: What did you learn from your failed sitcom?
Margaret Cho:
It really gave me a crash course in how the powers that be don't always do the best things or make the right choices.

TV Guide: So you don't hate television?
I'm a big TV person! I lay around, eat... I won't go out. I never want to go out. I'm like, not a going-out person.

TV Guide: What will we see on The Cho Show?
The first episode is about [my] getting an award for Korean of the Year and my own relationship - which has been pretty strained - with the Korean community. Subsequent episodes deal with aging, Hollywood, sexuality. On one episode, we go off the grid and live in a canyon.

TV Guide: Is there anything you could do at this point to shock your folks?
I think they might freak out if they saw me smoking a cigarette. [ Laughs] That's the one thing I know my parents really hate.

TV Guide: Is your husband going to appear on the show?
No, because we want to stay married.