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The relationship between Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Miranda Bailey and Dr. Ben Warren may not have worked out, but there's a good reason: actor Jason George is moving on to play another doctor, this time on ABC's Off the Map (also produced by Grey's Shonda Rimes), premiering January 12.

"I would love to [return to Grey's], but I can easily see where the network and Shonda may have problems with that," George told TV Guide Magazine at the ABC TCA party on January 10. "With this show launching as big as it's launching right now, it's easiest to just have my face associated with this character."

On the jungle-set Off the Map George plays "hard-ass" Otis Cole, who will soon have a hard time defining his relationship with two female doctors. "Otis says early on, 'There ain't no HR department in the jungle,' and then you begin to realize as things go on that there's a reason there are HR departments," says George. "It gets complicated and that gets interesting."

George promises that Off the Map will not lack some action. "Most medical shows are medicine and steamy romance, but on our show, medicine and steamy romance share a little room with action and adventure," he says. "The fun part is, that all feeds back into the romance."

And though Dr. Cole may currently be his priority, that doesn't mean George wouldn't hop on a plane in a second if Bailey decides to take Ben back. "If they even bring up the idea of me coming back to Grey's, I'm there, because Chandra Wilson is just one hell of an actress. It's like, bring your A-game because otherwise she'll make you look bad."

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