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All the Thoughts We Had Watching the Insane Maniac Teaser

Did you see the shoes?

Megan Vick

The first look at Emma Stone and Jonah Hill's highly anticipated Netflix series dropped on Sunday and we are...confused?

The one-minute clip features the Superbad co-stars sitting across from each other silently while a pleasant but ominous (yes, that's possible) voice talks about understanding the brain and changing. We're still not sure who the characters are or why they are in these weird uniforms, but the teaser caused a lot of thoughts. We wanted to share them with you just to check if our mental roller coaster ride was similar to yours. Even if it wasn't, please humor us.

1. Oh! Maniac is the Emma Stone and Jonah Hill show. Did we know it was called that? Whatever, this looks cool.

2. Emma is blonde again. That's fun. She looks like Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man again. Is it too soon to bring that up?

3. This voiceover is intense. I'm pretty sure there are people that understand the structure of the brain just fine. Is this a mind control show?

4. Jonah Hill has lost a lot of weight. Is this a new thing? Hold on...Google says it's not a new thing. Sorry, let's not be judge-y. Continue, voiceover man.

5. The matching shoes are weird.

6. Oh snap, light change. What's this about?

7. What song is this? Why are they so sad? I'm still unsure what this show is about.


9. Why isn't Justin Theroux in this teaser? Sally Field is a queen.

10. Is the effect these changing lights are having on my brain significant? Is there a coded message in this? Ugh, I can never figure out teaser puzzles.

11. I don't know what just happened. These are very serious Legion vibes.

12. Oh, this is a Cary Joji Fukunaga (He co-wrote It, y'all) limited series. That makes more sense. This is going to be dope.

Maniac drops Sept. 21 on Netflix.