On Monday night, Oxygen treated viewers to the scantily clad two-hour finale of Mr. Romance. Created by Gene Simmons of KISS, the reality series followed a dozen beefy dudes as they spent six weeks competing to be the next Fabio — or at least the next Harlequin Romance novel cover stud. We "harle-can" stand the cheesy fun of it all! Two victors emerged: Randy Ritchwood — the winner according to the judges — and Viewer's Choice winner Andrew Larsen. (According to Oxygen's website, more than 45,000 fans voted for their faves and Larsen won by 2,500 votes.) Unable to choose between the hotties, TVGuide.com interviewed both. We're greedy that way.

TVGuide.com: OK, spill it. Did all of you guys get along? Seems you had a few divas in the group.Randy Ritchwood: Oh, yes. Everybody had a good time.Andrew Larsen: Totally.

TVG: You even got along with Tony? He was always whining about his broken toe — and they showed him crying at least three times.Randy: Tony is a great guy. Tony is Tony. When you meet a person, if you are willing to accept people for the way they are, then that's how they are. You just gotta work around the B.S.Andrew: All I can say about Tony is you guys saw how he was on TV and that's how he was in person. But Tony was really refreshing off camera. He and Mark were my roommates.

TVG: Speaking of annoying, you guys made fun of Charles, who constantly did that lion imitation to impress the judges. What was up with that?Randy: Well, it wasn't about making fun of Charles. It was about trying to get him to have a better sense of humor. It's a big world out there, and I don't think just that one move will get him to the top of the line.

TVG: You were just trying to make him better?Randy: Exactly. It wasn't about crackin' jokes about him. It was just about trying to improve his skills.

TVG: You mentioned your father, who's a church pastor. When I watched the finale, I could totally relate when you called him, crying, to tell him you won. I did the same thing with my parents — without the crying — when I won the TV Guide Idol singing contest at our annual holiday party. You guys are close, right?Randy: Yes — a hell of a lot. My dad is my idol.

TVG: We know Randy's married with kids. Andrew, are you single? Inquiring Mr. Romance viewers need to know the status of their Viewer's Choice.Andrew: I am dating a girl right now. So technically, I'm not single, but then, I'm not married.

TVG: Are you really a fisherman in Portland, Oregon?Andrew: Yeah, it's how I've paid the bills for four or five years. I live there about eight months a year. Four months of the year, I am in Alaska, working as a fishing guide.

TVG: Do you have any aspirations to do any modeling or acting?Andrew: I didn't really before... but now I do.

TVG: Can't blame you. Randy, you won $50,000. Still planning to buy a house for your children?Randy: Well, you got to realize... $50,000 is definitely appreciated, but after you pay taxes [and] after being a starving artist, I have cleaned my credit up because I am a daddy, and also have put [away] some college funds. What's left is for me to get some clothes for myself and pay for some more acting classes.

TVG: I was just going to ask about that. What's next for you guys?Randy: Besides [posing for] the three romance-novel covers, I'll just continue chasing my goals and my dreams. [I'll] try to get on a soap or something like a romance-type movie, hopefully on the Oxygen Network!

TVG: Andrew, didn't you land a romance-novel cover, too?Andrew: Yes, I'm going to be doing one romance cover and I am talking to [television] producers, trying to land a fishing show. I'm heading up to Alaska to start my fishing-guide company, called King Me Fishing, and it's online, if you can mention that.

TVG: You just did. Congrats to both of you guys.The Mr. Romance finale repeats tonight at 8 pm/ET (and again at midnight for you night owls). Oxygen will then air a Mr. Romance marathon on Saturday from 1 pm to 8 pm/ET.