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Wife No. 3 is about to have wedding No. 2 — if she doesn't get deported first! Tonight's episode of Trophy Wife, the first of a two-parter, finds Malin Akerman's Kate wanting a real wedding to her husband, Pete (Bradley Whitford), since their first was a no-frills quickie at the local courthouse. Akerman filled TV Guide Magazine in.

TV Guide Magazine: Why does your character so desperately need a traditional marriage ceremony? That's so not her.

Malin Akerman: It's true. Kate has never been a girly girl! She's not the type to sit around and talk shoes. But she comes across a box in the garage with VHS tapes from Pete's weddings to Diane [Marcia Gay Harden] and Jackie [Michaela Watkins], and suddenly she's a little jealous and wants to feel like an equal — even if those old videos are laughably horrible. [Laughs] Just wait till you see Bradley in cornrows and a 'stache.

TV Guide Magazine: Before anyone can say "I do," Kate gets in hot water with the Immigration and Naturalization Service and is in danger of being sent back to Canada. You're Canadian. Can you relate?

Akerman: Are you kidding? Yes! When I came down to L.A. to look for work, I was totally freaked about being deported. Once, when I was a month past my [legal] stay, a cop stopped me because the registration tag on my car had expired. My heart was in my throat. I thought I was gonna die!

TV Guide Magazine: What would a sitcom wedding be without parental stunt casting? Megan Mullally is Kate's mother, and Florence Henderson is Pete's. Discuss.

Akerman: I worked with Megan on Childrens Hospital and adore her. Who doesn't? I sent her an email asking if she'd play my mother, which felt a little weird because she's not that much older than me. We're friends. We hang out. I didn't want to insult her. But she said yes, and she's priceless. [Laughs] You'll see right away why it's taken this long for Kate to let her mother and Pete meet. And Florence, what can I say? She is a rock star and a legend and the coolest gal I've ever met — a real hoot to be with on the set. She and her potty mouth fit right in!

Trophy Wife airs Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c, on ABC.

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