It's been almost three years since Netflix viewers dove headfirst into the addictive true crime series Making a Murderer, and though the wait has been long (long enough to probably lose quite a few people's interest, honestly), we've finally got a Season 2 premiere date!

Netflix announced Tuesday that Making a Murderer Part 2 will drop on Friday, Oct. 19 with 10 new episodes! Season 2 will continue to dig into Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey's questionable guilt in the murder of Teresa Halbach as well as their seemingly endless quest for exoneration. The description for Season 2 promises the discovery of "unexpected evidence" about what may have happened to Teresa Halbach as well as insight into why the jury handed Avery a guilty verdict in the first place.

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"Steven and Brendan, their families and their legal and investigative teams have once again graciously granted us access, giving us a window into the complex web of American criminal justice," said executive producers, writers and directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos. "Building on Part 1, which documented the experience of the accused, in Part 2, we have chronicled the experience of the convicted and imprisoned, two men each serving life sentences for crimes they maintain they did not commit. We are thrilled to be able to share this new phase of the journey with viewers."

If Steven Avery didn't kill Teresa Halbach, who did?

If you want to prep for what you'll likely see in Season 2, we suggest you go back and check out the headlines Avery and Dassey made in the last three years. Between denied attempts for a retrial and thrown out confessions, this second installment of the story promises to make you just as frustrated with the criminal justice system as Season 1 did.

Making a Murderer is currently streaming on Netflix.