Beau Bridges with Jason Lee, <EM>My Name Is Earl</EM> Beau Bridges with Jason Lee, My Name Is Earl
Beau Bridges returns to NBC's My Name Is Earl tonight at 8 pm/ET, reprising his role as Earl and Randy's gruff dad. But Carl Hickey's bark is worse than his bite. "Just when you think he's going to bite Earl's head off," Bridges says, "he ends up being a milquetoast." 
Of course, there's some family history behind Carl's ire. "When Earl shows up at my door, I try to slam it in his face," says Bridges. Carl, he explains, still hasn't quite forgiven a younger Earl for driving a beloved car into a lake. After Earl dredges the car out and returns it to his dad, in fulfillment of his "list" requirement, familial relations are restored in that wacky and caustic Hickey-family way.
Now that Bridges isn't commuting between the Vancouver set of Stargate SG-1 (he was a regular on the sci-fi series) and his Los Angeles home, Earl fans might see even more of the senior Hickey.
As for what's in store in the upcoming episodes featuring Carl, all Bridges will spill is that Carl will "freak dance," "gerbil hurl" and get in "lots of good goosing." Laughing, Bridges says, "It's so bizarre over there, but the only difficulty is keeping a straight face."

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