Make It or Break It Make It or Break It

When ABC Family's Make It or Break It returns for Season 2 (Monday at 10/9c), there will be fewer guys and more gymnastics. As star Josie Loren tells, her character, Kaylie, "swears off boys" and becomes even more focused as she and her team at the Rock get closer to the Olympics. What's it like training off-screen to wear leotards on-screen? The 23-year-old talks about her workout routine and sharing the screen with Full House's Candace Cameron Bure. Last season ended with Kaylie's ex kissing her friend. Will that be addressed in the first episode?
Josie Loren: That's definitely taken care of in the premiere, [and] people's questions will be answered. It's kind of shocking because [Kaylie] doesn't deal with it in true Kaylie fashion as we've been seeing her up until now. She takes it, I'd say, like a champ and swears off boys and becomes completely focused and dedicated on her gymnastics. She definitely doesn't scream and pout.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Make It or Break It renewed What's it like to work on such a female-empowering show?
Loren: I love it. It gives me a chance to speak for women and be a role model to young girls. It's not the stereotypical teen drama about sex, drugs and rock and roll. It has passion to it, it teaches girls everything from body image — which we're going to touch on a lot this season — to boys to being passionate about something, and that it's good to have something that you work toward. That's satisfying and attractive. 

Check out photos of Josie Loren Are you like Kaylie at all?
Loren: I think Kaylie and I are alike a lot more now than we were before. Kaylie's done this complete 360 that everyone will see. She's a lot more dedicated and very driven. You see her working so passionately toward a goal and that's something I can easily relate to in Kaylie. I'm very passionate and I'm very competitive; I hate giving up and I hate losing.

See how Josie Loren and other stars stay fit for the summer How do you train for the show?
Loren: We don't do our own stunts, but we learn all of the floor and beam routines. Just to be in those leotards and feel good in them, we have to train our butts off. This morning I had my workout at 9 a.m. and we had worked a 14-hour day and all I wanted to do was sleep in, but I want to feel confident and comfortable in my leotard. So the workout schedule we have to keep is pretty intense. What's it like working with Candace Cameron Bure?
Loren: I literally freaked out when I heard Candace was cast — I grew up on Full House. When I found out Candace signed on to the show, I called my younger brother and told him D.J. Tanner is on the show, and he was like, "Oh my God, you finally made it, Josie." Working with Candace is kind of like a little kid's dream come true.