Make no bones about it, this new addition to the crowded crime-scene genre is fun and entertaining. Any show that starts out with its heroine literally kicking the butt of a pompous security guard who is like, twice her size is all right by me. Sure, the Chandra Levy-like case seemed a little bit too obvious, but it was just the pilot; they've got to start somewhere. And the chemistry between Temperance (Bones) and Agent Angel... I mean, Booth, was palpable, and that paired with their easy banter makes this show stand out as different and not just a CSI clone. Oh, and I really loved the "squints," aka Bones and her varied but cool scientific team. I got a big chuckle when Zack tried to defend the boss he idolizes after she shot someone with no warning. He quickly asked Booth, "How much warning did you give people before you sniped them?" Sniped is now my new favorite word... not that I imagine I'll have much opportunity to use it. I do have one big question: Can you really reassemble a skull with plain old Elmer's Glue? If so, that's pretty handy to know if I ever run into a dismantled skeleton. Hmm, that'll probably be around the same time I get to use "sniped" in a sentence again.