Tom Berenger Tom Berenger

Mary McDonnell's Capt. Sharon Raydor is getting a husband in Season 2 of TNT's successful Closer spin-off, Major Crimes. Tom Berenger, who won a Golden Globe for his unforgettable performance in Platoon, has been signed to play Capt. Raydor's estranged spouse of 25 years, Jackson Raydor.

My sources tell me Jackson is a brilliant, charming and charismatic attorney who has taken a long break from law to pursue his gambling passion. When the handsome high roller returns to Los Angeles, he accepts a job as a court-appointed attorney and becomes fast buds with Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin). Not surprisingly, he and Sharon are expected to clash during Berenger's three episodes.

In addition to Platoon, Berenger, 63, is known for such films as The Big Chill, Major League and Inception, and recently won an Emmy award for his role in the high-rated miniseries Hatfields & McCoys. Major Crimes returns to TNT's schedule this June.

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