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Netflix's Magic for Humans Season 3 Trailer Features Nudist Magic

No place for Justin Willman to hide things here

Tim Surette

As the pain of reality is getting a little too much for everyone to bear, we can all use a bit of magic in our lives to remind us that there's something out there to believe in. OK, that kind of sounds like one of those awful "in these trying times" pandemic commercials, but hear me out: The world sucks right now, so let's watch some wizard give the middle finger to physics and blow our minds with some sweet-ass illusions!

Netflix is about to pull Season 3 of Magic for Humans out of its endless hat of content, and the brand-new trailer shows off another round of what makes this show so good. Justin Willman mixes some street magic unleashed upon unsuspecting passersby with tricks performed before small groups, incorporating a universal message of our innate human-ness, and how magic can bring us all together in wonder. He also gets completely naked for nudists and does magic with no space to hide any tricks.

Sorry Haters, Magic for Humans Is Real, and Really Funny

The affable Willman isn't just great at his dark arts, he's also a bit of a comedian, and Magic for Humans throws in plenty of laughs through unexpected reactions from regular people and tricks that almost double as sketch comedy. It's the perfect show for quarantine.

And if you are doubtful about the show's insistence that it doesn't use camera tricks, you have to trust Willman when he says it's real. Maybe it's not real magic, but the sleight-of-hand art is a craft that he's been perfecting since he was a kid.

"Skeptics have been around for centuries, especially with magic," Willman told me last year. "Before TV magic was a thing, most people were in the audience live and obviously they know there's a trick happening. So when people are like, 'Oh it's not real,' no, it's not real. I don't have powers. But what you're seeing is not the result of camera trickery or people pretending to be amazed. I have an incredible team of magic minds and comedy minds who I work with to really put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into creating the stuff on screen and we're definitely not taking the easy way out."

Magic for Humans Season 3 premieres Friday, May 15 on Netflix.