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Mae Whitman Is Ready for Taylor Kitsch to Play Her Boyfriend Now

Let's make this dream come true

Megan Vick

Mae Whitman has been working on a campaign to have every male cast member of Friday Night Lights play her romantic interest for years . She's been very successful at it so far, but one person has alluded her after all this time -- Taylor Kitsch, a.k.a. Tim Riggins.

"I cannot believe the elusive 33. He continues to escape me," Whitman told TV Guide, referencing Kitsch's jersey number from the NBC drama. "Is there a restraining order I don't know about? What is the problem?"

On her way to hopefully locking lips with Kitsch on-screen one day, Whitman has already managed to land FNL alums Matt Lauria (Luke Cafferty) and Scott Porter (Jason Street) as her love interests on Parenthood, which shared the same creator as Friday Night Lights, Jason Katims. She also scored some screen time with Michael B. Jordan on the same series, though their characters had no romantic connection. Now on Good Girls, Whitman's character Annie shares a child with Zach Gilford, who played sweetheart QB1 Matt Saracen on the football drama.

That's a pretty impressive roster, but Whitman still hasn't been able to share lines with Riggins himself.

reunited and it feels pretty good #husbands

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This is, to be frank, completely egregious, so to help Whitman reach this goal, TV Guide mentioned her campaign to Kitsch when he was promoting his mini-series Waco in January.

"Just tell her I'm for sale," Kitsch offered. "No, I'm kidding. I don't know. I'm flattered by it. That's awesome. I'm not sure what she'd have to do, to be honest. But I'll tell you what, I'll start watching some of [Good Girls]."

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Although Kitsch's answer was fairly noncommittal, it was enough to send Whitman over the moon. "Whoaaa! Really?! I think you just wrote our wedding vows. As long as there is an 'I do' at the end of that thing, even if those are the only words he says to me for our entire marriage," she said. "I have to say, I'm satisfied with that. I know it's obviously very vague, and he does sound a little scared, but I'm definitely going to take this with me and cuddle this information in bed tonight. I appreciate it."

The actress may be content with Kitsch's response, but we won't be until Whitman's dream -- which is now our own as well -- comes true. So if the producers of Good Girls and Taylor Kitsch are reading this, it's time to make some magic happen. Let's give national treasure Mae Whitman the onscreen man of her dreams.

Together we can do this. #MaeRiggins

Good Girlsairs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.