Madonna with children Madonna with children

Madonna is known for her controversial music videos and touring stunts (which often involve crucifixes), but Madge is trying to create a different kind of buzz with her new documentary, I Am Because We Are, premiering Monday, December 1 (World AIDS Day) at 9 pm/ET on Sundance..

The feature documentary, written and produced by Madonna, gives viewers an in-depth look into the lives of children orphaned by AIDS in Malawi, Africa — the same country from which she adopted her son David. Throughout the film, Madonna shares her own thoughts as she bears witness to impoverished lives of the children living in this half-forgotten country. "I Am Because We Are is really [about] seeing the world as a unified whole," says Madonna during the film. "We are all children of the world and we are responsible for one another."

The documentary also explains how Madge ultimately became involved with this country. "People always ask me why I chose Malawi, and I tell them I didn't: It chose me," Madonna reveals during the film. The music icon said she received a call from a woman born and raised in the country in regards to the state of emergency the children of Malawi were in. "She said you are a person with resources and people pay attention to what you say and do. I felt embarrassed. I told her I didn't know where Malawi was and she told me to look it up on a map and then she hung up on me."

The powerful film that analyzes the dilemma and cultural challenges facing Malawi includes interviews with leading experts, such as former President Bill Clinton and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, along with Malawi children. "The question is how do we break the cycle? How do we keep the next generation from repeating history and accepting that they can not change their destiny?"